Parent-CareParent Care: A Survival Guide for Adult Children of Aging Parents
by Barbara Applegate and Jean Thorne,
founders A.G.E. Consultants, Inc.

This is an essential handbook designed to help you with your role as caregiver. By using the forms and questionnaires and discussing the recommendations and choices offered in this workbook, you will save yourself hundreds of hours of unproductive time and worry. This book is valuable whether you are living near your aging parents or in another state. Parent Care includes:

– Questionnaires that help you assess your parent mentally, emotionally, spiritually , socially and functionally
– A detailed questionnaire designed to determine the best living situation for your parent
– Descriptions of the types of living arrangements for your parent and how best to choose
– Ideas for fostering spirituality in your parent’s life
– A place to record personal, legal, financial, and medical information so it is at your fingertips
– A complete description of Medicare and Medicaid options, as well as the pros and cons of long-term care insurance
– Information on dealing with terminal illness and grief bereavement
– Help with organizing a funeral or memorial
– Advice on how to take care of yourself, the caregiver
– Complete resources, from hospice and transportation to state-by-state listings of agencies on aging and insurance departments

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